Soda Framework

The Soda extension is a framework that can be divided into several submodules.


Soda-core is the core package of Soda framework, which encapsulates Web3/Web2 features for new Web3 applications.

Engineers can use soda-core package to develop their own cross Web2/3 applications.


Soda is a framework that bridges Web2/Web3 resource with each other. Multiple web resources can be rendered into web client with soda-client packages e.g. multiple media types, audio, video, 3D view, and game share.


Web2/Web3 services with similar features (SaaS) can be integrated into Soda core as soda-services e.g. marketplaces.


Sonet middleware provides network infrastructure support for Web applications. Soda-sonet-infrastructure encapsulate Sonet middleware services and helps Soda applications to use Sonet middleware easily e.g. Web2/Web3 storage services.


Soda extension uses soda-core, provides self-sovereign data management and personal identity management. Applications can use soda-extension to make full use of user Web2/Web3 data.

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